Drop off & pick up

A ‘Drop Off and Pick Up’ system operates within the school grounds.

The aim of this system is to enhance and improve pupil safety and facilitate the movement of cars through the school grounds. We also wish to minimise traffic throughout the school day as pupils are moving to and from various activities in different parts of the school.

Drop-Off and Pick Up Zone

The system works as follows: -

  • Cars drive round the one-way system in one stream.
  • Cars ONLY stop in the designated Drop Off Zone (past the school building, on the left hand side by the hedge).

The Drop Off Zone accommodates a maximum of 6 cars at a time. Cars fill the Drop Off Zone from the first space (nearest to the KS1 playground) and pupils exit the car onto the footpath side only. It is imperative that pupils leave the car as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Once the first car has left, the second car follows and so on, in order. Cars should pull right up to the next available space to allow 6 cars to wait in the Drop Off Zone.
  • There must be no overtaking in the school grounds.

**Cars not in the Drop Off Zone must wait until the Drop Off Zone becomes available for the next group of 6 vehicles. **

P7 pupils and School Council members work as Junior Road Safety Monitors at all Drop Off and Pick Up times to guide cars and pupils around the new system.   Playground Buddies are also available to walk P1 and P2 pupils from their cars.


  • Parking in the school grounds must be kept to a minimum during school hours (8am - 6pm).
  • Parking within the school grounds must be reserved for staff and visitors to school.
  • Those drivers who wish to park and enter the school building, must first drive into the Drop Off Zone, wait until the group leaves in order, then follow the traffic and indicate to enter and park in the KS1 playground.
  • If you need to call into school for any reason throughout the day, please adhere to the KS1 car parking times below, otherwise, please park outside the school grounds.

Parking is ONLY available in the KS1 playground between:-

8.15am - 9.15am                    (Pre Prep – P7)

11.55am – 12.10pm               (Pre Prep)

1.10pm – 1.20pm                   (Afternoon Pre Prep Session)

1.55pm – 2.10pm                   (P1 and P2 / P3 Autumn Term)

2.55pm – 3.10pm                   (P3 – P7)

3.10pm – 3.20pm                   (Afternoon Pre Prep Session)


To ensure children’s safety, there must be no play during the times when the KS1 playground is being used as a car park. Children must get into the vehicle without delay and leave the school premises.


During the morning Drop Off, pupils and drivers must follow the protocols listed below: -

Breakfast Club

  • If your child attends Breakfast Club, please follow our Drive Through System as normal and drop your child in the Drop Off Zone from 8am onwards.
  • If you wish to walk your child into the school building, please park in the Key Stage One playground.


  • Must remove bags quickly from the car and where possible, have all belongings quickly to hand, on arrival in the Drop Off Zone
  • Must exit the car safely and quickly at the Drop Off Zone ONLY
  • Must exit the car on the footpath side
  • Must walk in single file to the playground (no bags to be dropped off in school)


  • Must travel no more than 5mph on entering school grounds
  • Must follow in one stream around the road system
  • Must not overtake within the school grounds
  • Must leave Drop Off Zone in order
  • Park in KS1 playground, if parking is necessary
  • Must not park in staff parking or on the footpath at any time
  • School starts at 8.45am.

Playground Buddies will be available for P1 and P2 pupils until 8.55am to assist pupils to their classroom. Should you arrive after this time, please drop your child as normal in the Drop Off Zone, unless you would prefer to accompany them on the path, in which case, you should park in the Key Stage One Playground.

During the afternoon Pick Up, pupils and drivers must follow the protocols listed below: -

  • Only drivers with a permit or Pre Prep parents/carers, may drive into school at Pick Up times
  • Cars should enter the school grounds no more than five minutes before Pick Up time (i.e. 1.55pm for 2pm Pick Up or 2.55pm for 3pm Pick Up)
  • Pupils must only be picked up from the school gate or from the Pick Up Zone if a permit is held. There should be no collections from the pupil entrance.
  • Drivers and additional children must stay in the car in the Pick Up line. When you reach the Pick Up Zone, drivers should get out of the car to help teachers and pupils quickly identify each carer.
  • After any pick up time, parents and pupils must leave the school premises promptly and return, if necessary, at the designated time for any later pickups.
  • Please Note -

Driving through our Afternoon Pick Up Zone (Permit Holders Only) may incur a short waiting time as there is a large number of pupils exiting the building. All Pick Up pupils will wait in the waiting area until the footpath is clear for safety of all pupils.

  • During P7 Cycling Proficiency (Summer Term), any cars carrying bikes into school during morning Pick Up should follow the Drop Off Zone and park in the KS1 Playground to remove the bike.
  • Any Permit Holders collecting a bike during Afternoon Pick Up should follow the Drive Through System and park in the KS1 Playground to pick up the bike.
  • All other P7’s will walk their bike to the gate for collection.

**Please make other carers aware of how the Drop Off and Pick Up system works.


Afternoon Pick Up Permits

(Must be displayed in car window at all times)

  • May drive into school at afternoon Pick Up times

2pm / 3pm / Extra-curricular Pick up

  • Application for a permit must be in writing and addressed to the Bursar


  • Disabled badge holder – must be displayed in car window beside Permit
  • Child under the age of 2yrs as passenger in car
  • Registered Day care providers with other children already in the car

A permit may be issued in exceptional circumstances following receipt of a written request being sent to the Prep Department Office and addressed to Mr Patterson.

All decisions regarding permits will be solely at the discretion of the Principal and the School Bursar.


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