Nut Allergy Information

On the Friends’ School Campus there are pupils who have severe allergy to nuts.  Contact with nuts could cause a severe reaction

Consequently we would ask all parents to choose nut-free food when sending snacks into school.  Pupils may eat snacks during morning break and a ‘healthy snack’ in the afternoon.  We have provided a list of foods below which, we have been assured, do not contain nuts or nut traces.  We very much appreciate your support and consideration to this matter.

fruit                                                                             plain cheese

vegetables                                                                   Dairylea Dunkers

chicken                                                                        Philadelphia Handisnacks

ham                                                                             yoghurts (no nuts)

tuna                                                                             petits filous

jam                                                                              peperami

plain bread (white & brown)                                      Foxs Party Rings

McVities Rich Tea                                                      McVities Mini Cheddars

McVities Digestive (Plain & choc)                            Sainsbury R’berry Jam Tarts

McVities Tuc                                                              Kallo Rice Cakes

Jacobs Cream Crackers Original                                 Deans All Butter Shortbread

Dairylea Lunchables Stackems                                   Ambrosia Custard                  

(turkey, ham, chicken, ham & cheese)                       Ambrosia Splat toffee/strawberry)

Dairylea Twisters (tikka, soured                                Mullerice

cream & chives and garlic & herb)                             (vanilla,apple,caramel,s’berry)                                               

Crisps                                                                         Fruit Winders

Hula Hoops                                                                 Club Orange Biscuits

Walkers                                                                       Club Mint Biscuits

Tayto                                                                           Kit Kat

Smyths                                                                        Penguin          

Tesco Select                                                                Nestle Drifter

M & S                                                                         Nestle Breakaway

Golden Wonder                                                          Kelloggs Special K Bar         

Skips                                                                           Kelloggs Peach & Apricot Bar

Wotsits                                                                        Kelloggs Fruit ‘n Fibre Bar

Quavers                                                                       Kelloggs Frosties Cereal Bar


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Friends' Prep School

Friends' Prep School

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