Criteria for Admission

Prep 1 Intake

Decisions concerning admissions into P1 are taken by the Chairman of the Board of Governors, the Principal and the Head of the Preparatory Department.

Parents who wish their child to enter P1 in the Preparatory Department should send in an application form to the Preparatory Department Office, Magheralave Road, Lisburn BT28 3BH, before the child reaches school age.   The child’s name will then be placed on a waiting list. Decisions regarding entry to P1 are communicated to parents in the September prior to the September of admission.

Should entry to P1 be oversubscribed, children who reach the compulsory school age (i.e. 4 years of age on or before 1 July of any school year) and who are on the waiting list on 15th September prior to the September of admission, will be admitted in P1 according to the following criteria in the order set down:

  1. Applicants whose parent or guardian is a Member or Attender of the Religious Society of Friends.
  1. Applicants who have a brother or sister enrolled, or formerly enrolled, at Friends’ School, Lisburn. This includes applicants who have a twin or triplet, sibling already admitted.
  1. Applicants who are attending the Morning Session at Friends’ School Pre-Prep Department in their final pre-school year.
  1. Applicants who have a parent or guardian who is a full time member of staff at Friends’ School, Lisburn.
  1. Applicants whose parent or guardian is a past pupils of Friends’ School, Lisburn
  1. Applicants who are the eldest, elder or only child in the family
  1. Applicants to whom a – f above do not apply.

If, following the application of the above criteria in order, there comes a point where there are more applicants who meet a particular criterion than there are places available, the following process will be followed:

Criteria a - g will be weighted by point score i.e. 7 points for Criterion a to 1 point for Criterion g. At the criterion where P1 is oversubscribed, the weighting attached to the subsequent criteria met by each applicant will be taken into account.

For example:

P1 is oversubscribed under Criterion e: ‘Applicants whose parent or guardian is a past pupil of Friends’ School, Lisburn’.

Pupil A is also an eldest child, so Criterion f applies: (2 points)

Pupil B is not an eldest child, so Criterion g applies: (1 point).

Therefore Pupil A is admitted.

(Should there be more than one child on the same points weighting at this stage, the decision as to which pupil should be admitted will be on the basis of random computerised selection).


Prep 2 - Prep 7 Intake


Parents who wish their child to enter the Preparatory Department in Year 2 to Year 7 should complete an application form. Application forms are available from the Preparatory Department Office or on line by visiting the Friends’ School website

The parents and the child will be invited to an interview and given an opportunity to view the school. A place may be offered, subject to the interview and the availability of a place in the appropriate year group.

Criteria as above will apply when referring to a waiting list.

Pre-Prep Intake


Application forms for the Pre-Prep may be requested at any stage from the Preparatory Department. Offers will be made in accordance with the admissions criteria set out in the Pre-Prep Prospectus.

Offers will be made in January prior to entry. A non-refundable deposit will be required to retain a place in the Pre-Prep.

The Pre-Prep Department of Friends’ School provides a seamless transition on the one campus from pre-school to P1. Children in their last year before beginning school, may attend the morning session (9am – 12 noon). Children from the age of two years and 9 months may attend the afternoon session (1.15pm – 3.15pm).


Further information is in the Pre-Prep Prospectus which is available on the school website under the School Information section or a hard copy may be requested from the Prep Office.

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Pre Prep

Pre Prep

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After School Club

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Friends' Prep School

Friends' Prep School

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Friends' Prep School

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